OUT OF THIS WORLD is a family business owned by Peter and Sue Vith, whose passion for tribal art, textiles and jewellery engulfed them after spending a year in the eighties , travelling through South America. The dynamic couple would send parcels back to South Africa to Peters mother Paula (the original owner of Out of Africa and one of the first people to bring tribal art to South Africa)  with instructions to sell and send money to keep the adventure going…


After arriving back from South America they discovered their goods had been kept rather than sold and needless to say, Out Of This World opened its doors as traders in tribal art and artifacts in 1996. Paula then retired after selling her Out of Africa, intuitively passing on her knowledge and very loyal stream of suppliers to Peter and Sue.


Since then it has been an exciting journey exploring the villages and backstreets of the third world, from Marrakech to Bali, Vietnam to Mali, marveling at the raw talent flowing from the fingers of the unsung heroes of our worlds cultural heritage.

Sue & Peter have built up quality relationships with their suppliers throughout Africa and have traders & runners sourcing for us from many corners of the earth. The traders/runners are not just work colleagues but friends with a common desire for “treasure” . The connection is so strong after 20 years that the traders/runners undeniably understand what it is that Out of this World craves.


Sue & Peter still spend many months travelling through vast stretches of forgotten land where time is endless but all else is scarce, and meaning is found in crafting beauty from little more than what grows from the ground.


Out of this World has a deep care to focus on local South African crafts, working extensively with various outreach programmes and supporting local communities.
“We have so many talented artists that are able to use us as an outlet and expand their techniques. We are passionate about our product and inspired as to see how much genuine mastery we have on our doorstep. “Sue & Peter.


Map to Out of this World CT: 1 Braemer Rd, Greenpoint.