On the 3 & 4 of June 2017, Homemade CPT hosted an event particularly curated towards modest fashion collections at Dance 4 Fitness Studios in Claremont, Cape Town. Our clients appreciate the convenience of an array of unique collections, be it minimal or maximal. We then design the space to compliment the fashion.

The modest pieces were suited to this line-up of designers’ A/W17 collections and in some cases, designers created a special collection particularly for Eid – as beautiful clothes are bought to match the beautiful occasion celebrated by Muslims.

We believe in sharing the journey so we thought it would be interesting to let you in on one of the reasons behind us starting Homemade CPT from co-founder Leila’s experience.

“Eid marks a festive celebration for the Muslim Community, with everybody always wanting to look their best, modestly. Cape Town is renowned for its large muslim population, who have an artisanal fashion heritage still visible in some of the brands today (Refer to links of brands below).  My friends and I always put some particular effort into our Eid look with limited budgets. We frequented some dressmakers who called themselves designers or some mens’ tailors offering to try their hand at structured garments for us ladies. It was sometimes a real hit or a total miss. At the end of it all, it added to the memory of the occasion. When ready-to-wear came onto the scene by many of these home-run businesses, we were quite happy to say the very least.

After the birth of my first son, I wanted something special to mark the occasion. My bestie and I drove around to 8 home studios looking for “an outfit”, which took us a lengthy 6hrs. That was the most time I had spent away from my son, who was 10wks old. Not making for a very convenient experience. Extreme and maybe unnecessary but this little buy would be my pick-me-up for my new size. A feel good moment I really needed.”

So, one of the key objectives for Homemade CPT was to get all the amazing local talent into one beautiful and convenient location from which to shop. There is certainly no shortage of talent and for the very first Demure Designer’s Collection, we have been extremely fortunate to host some of Cape Town’s finest!

Homemade CPT had the priviledge of sharing the creative thinking process that went into these beautiful collections by the designers, which you too can enjoy via the links provided below.


The Venue at Dance4Fitness Studios, Claremont Cape Town with Homemade CPT’s installation

Designer Lineup

To compliment the fashion, the following brands also participated at the event:

  • Scarf Box – an online scarf box subscription service that curated a box in collaboration with the designers’ collections.
  • Wimsy – An artisanal beaded accessory maker.
  • Flormar – An affordable professional make-up brand keen to support local endeavours.

Gallery of the The Demure Designer’s Collection for 2017

Photography by Radiefa Peters – radzphotography