Royal Stitch is a mom and daughter(s) trio from the southern suburbs in Cape Town. Our story can most certainly not start without mentioning the origin of our passion for Smocking which started with our families matriarch, our late grandmother Lateefah Shira Davids.
She was a perfectionist at most with a unique sense of style and an eye for elegance. Our mother later learnt the art of Smocking and helped her mother make timeless garments for countless customers at a time.
After we had our own kids and started taking more note of fashion for kids as well as noticing the immense gap in the clothing market we decided to follow in our grandmother’s footsteps and start something on our own.
Our vision was to reinvent the notion that Smocking was outdated and old; into something new and fresh.
Royal Stitch was born in 2015 with the name ever so fitting with our family name; Regal.

Our range encapsulates elegance in timeless pieces that can be passed down as keepsakes and heirlooms. We draw inspiration from our children, seasons and vintage Smocking books. Depending on the time of year you can expect everything from playful to formal demure priding on our exquisite christening gowns and wedding retinue attire.

Designers: Zahieda Regal, daughters Aneeqah Regal & Sarah Regal Daniels.

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Instagram: @royal_stitch

Facebook: @royal.stitch.9