Earlier in the year, Homemade CPT launched “Pop-Overs”, where businesses are able to hire ready to go setups or process services for their events from our custom designed furniture or fittings. The part that we also enjoy is that we get to share these exciting journeys – the drivers behind these wonderful local brands – on a personal basis.

Homemade CPT recently did a Pop-Over to the Wedding Concepts Expo 2016, to visit the booth of Radz Photography run by Radiefa Peters, a truly creative lady. Radiefa hired the contemporary steel staggered rail as part of her whimsical event setup.

As a small business entrepreneur, investing in a large scale exhibition, especially where the product is not immediate gratification, can be overwhelming considering the cost. The pay-off comes in the form of creating great brand exposure with a high number of targeted clients, truly setting the professional platform and longevity for the business brand. Creating your own beautiful space to draw attention to your work is imperative, and due to a creative ability, Radiefa was able to execute her stand personally from concept to installation.

We asked Radiefa to give us a narrative on her journey of the creative entrepreneur as a source of inspiration to future startups:

[wpvideo mRMRm0BG]

“I am 24 years old, a Graphic Design graduate from the College of Cape Town, born in the Mother City. When I started out in 2010 I found myself hopping from job to job, freelancing and working a 8-5 day. I felt exhausted everyday, my health wasn’t up to par and of course my bank balance was also on a standstill!

In 2011 I decided to pursue my dream of becoming a professional photographer and I did just that! I resigned from being a Graphic Designer to go full time into photography. Mind you, It wasn’t easy at all! There is lots of competition out there and I was a newbie, no one takes a newbie seriously. I then started a Facebook Page to upload all my work. Eventually I landed my first wedding job! It was something else, a whole different ball game and I was so determined to make this happen for me and to have people notice my work!


How I started was rather simple. I ran a Facebook competition for people to enter to win a free shoot and surprisingly I got so many entries and so many likes on my new page that I was forced to upload and update the page with my photographs and keep people interested and coming back. I did family shoots, covered events, as well as served some time in a studio set up but that wasn’t getting me as excited as that first wedding I did. But bottom line ,people were still seeing my work and that’s all that mattered. I then landed and booked my 2nd,3rd,4th,5th wedding and it grew from there on out..


There’s a saying that goes “Regret always comes to late” but in my case it was the exact opposite! I love photography, I love capturing smiles, laughter, moments that will never return, I love creating stories and compiling them into one book to be cherished forever.


Everyday you learn something new, something that you can use to make you more successful, more motivated so I challenge my myself everyday to go out and either read more about photography or do something that will inspire me.


I hope to one day inspire a nation! We are young, we have so much potential to become the greatest so why not go out there and make your dreams a reality! Don’t just use your head, use your heart! It’s where true passion lies :)”

Follow this inspirational creative on her social media handles: 

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/radzphotographycpt/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/radzphotography_cpt/