wpid-wp-1447649429742.pngBy Aneeqah Stellenboom, Nov 15

A pivotal role player for my inspiration was by far my Grandmother. My Grandmother, Yasmin, or as she always say, Jasmine, has always played a major part in the reason for me choosing the industry that I have chosen to make my own. Being a women of elegance, compassion, creativity and class only added to her being an absolute favourite amongst her family and peers.

She was the most “lady like” woman I knew with exceptional beauty. With her fair skin, aqua eyes and high cheek bones, she portrayed the true elegance of a stylish woman from the 50’s era. She had a timeless flare about her and the kind of style that would bring to mind names such as Grace Kelly, Coco Chanel and Katherine Hepburn.
She had a way with knitting needles. Always busy making little outfits for expecting mothers in our family and had a real knack with the sewing machine. Figuring out patterns and garments came naturally to her and her ability to make everything look so easy  to do always kept me fascinated and intrigued.

Thinking as far back as I can remember to my first Barbie doll, she was the one adding new “collections” of amazing garments to my Barbie’s closet. I really thought there was nothing my granny couldn’t do, from styling flower arrangements, fabric painting table cloths to making whatever garment I’ve seen in a magazine that we wanted copied, or even just up-cycling a furniture item to make it look more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. She would smile so easily as she created these things.
I wanted to be just like that. With a lifestyle that embodied elegance, timeless class and effortless beauty. I wanted to be a woman with “lady like” attributes in every sense of the word, as I saw in my grandmother, whilst growing up.

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