Homemade CPT has had quite a bit of fun working with the sister duo of modest brand Mod-ish. What lurks behind the cool highly professional rapport of these ladies is such great warmth and very importantly to us, incredible humour.  With a rather unique Cape Townian heritage of Afghan & Malay,  there are some amazing true life stories to be shared. The lengths that they have gone to execute their concepts can leave one with a rather nervous chuckle! We did a pop-over to the launch of their Eid Isaalat Range that took place at Timbuktu Coffee & Book shop and asked them to spill the beans!

Isaalat Range for SAFW narrated by Wardah Safi

When someone comes across our social media sites, they will come across high resolution images with a model posing in our garments set in a location that fits the theme to the T and makeup done to the nines, little does everyone know the behind the scenes to every single range that we design and manufacture.

Guaranteed that with every range that we launch, there is a story behind how we reached the end product which is our beautiful garments.

One such story was the time we entered SAFW sunglass hut new talent search competition. Based on the theme of “individualism”, we designed range that delved into our Afghan ethnicity. When brainstorming and designing the range, we were inspired by the handmade trims that the country had to offer. As perfect timing would have it, our father was off to Afghanistan around the same time as the competition and we were so amped for him to source the trims we only dreamed of having on our garments.

One of the days he went to the local markets in search of these trims that we drew up in a sketch. The conversation went back and forth via whatsapp for a couple of hours until he eventually gave up because the heat was getting to him and he was not getting what we were looking for. He mentioned that he was going to return to the market the next day to continue the search. By this time, we are starting to panic. We only have a limited time to make up the 8 look range and still had to factor in shipping time.

Later that very evening, he sends us a text to say that they bombed at the market and a number of other places and he had to stay indoors and lay low until things calm down. By now the slight panic has escalated to full on panic, as well as my sister practically hyperventilating. I’m petrified for my Dad’s safety and all my sister goes on about it is the deadline that we have to meet for SAFW (she didn’t mean this in a bad way and loves my Dad very much, haha). We could do nothing but wait. A few days pass and we receive a phone call from my Dad saying that his at the post office about to post the trims and wants to confirm the postal address. Heavily confused we confirm the address and tell him that we have no idea what the trims look like, he didn’t send us any pics let alone let us know that he was able to return to the market and buy the trims.


Mod-ish (2 of 12)

Now, a whole new form of panic arises. We don’t know what to expect and our entire range is solely based on these Afghan trims.

The day comes and the trims arrive and all I get from my sister is a text that says “the trims arrived”, nothing more. I try to get hold of my sister with no luck – and I panic. I immediately head over to her place and she opens the door and says nothing more than “its inside” with the best poker face I’ve ever seen. I run inside faster than I thought I could and look in the room where all the trims are laid out on the floor and I wanted to cry…..

Mod-ish (8 of 12)

Each and every trim was exactly how we had imagined them to be and more. The colours, the workmanship, the details far exceeded our expectations. I obviously had a word with my sister for making me panic the way she did, but at the end of it all it was met with smiles and laughter about the entire experience.

Eid Isaalat Range narrated by Wardah Safi

Just recently we designed and manufactured an extension to our Isaalat range which we showcased at SAFW. We were so excited with launching this unique range and in staying true to the specific range, being that it originates from the villages of Afghanistan, we wanted to create a very unique and ideal backdrop and thought what better backdrop than the Atlantis sand dunes. The dunes would emulate the look of the vast village areas and horizons of Afghanistan. This got us really excited to shoot this very exclusive range.


We are very hands-on with our photoshoots and for this particular one, being that we are part Afghan, it would be most apt for me to be the schmodel (I cannot call myself a model – not ever). So myself, the photographer, my sister (and business partner) and her two small kids aged 4 and 2 head off very excitedly to the infamous sand dunes.


On the day of the shoot, I am up and ready to have my makeup done. Once ready we headed to the location which was approximately an hour away from Cape Town. None of us were at the Alantis sand dunes previously and we thought it would be a relatively normal photoshoot. We arrive at the location and were met by a very different idea to what we imagined this location to be. It wasn’t a park-off and walk 5mins to where we needed to be, no, it was a take-your-4X4-and-drive-into-the location situation. We went with my little Polo Vivo, so doing just that was not an option. We all got out of the car, loaded our arms with all we needed for the photoshoot and had to trek through bush. I’m fully dressed, makeup on, while the photographer is carrying all his equipment and all the dresses over his shoulder followed by my sister and the kids with all their luggage (yes, kids always come with their own luggage) and we walking through bush for what seemed like a lifetime. After a while we had to stop because the kids started crying that they wanted to go home and they didn’t like the place. So we tried to convince them about the amazing sand dunes that they were going to play in and walked on (I mean we came too far to turn back now). We get to a dune and it looked like a mountain for the kids to climb and they start crying again. At this point we were all tired and bothered with the stuff we had to carry and trekking through all the bush by now, that we decided that it was best to take the kids and my sister back to the car as we were losing daylight fast and wouldn’t be able to get through the photoshoot with the kids and this unfortunate setting.


I decided to wait behind and guard the goods and it felt like I waited a good couple of hours for the photographer to return. He eventually did, even though I was panicking at one stage and couldn’t call him because there is no signal at the sand dunes – go figure!

We eventually managed to shoot the range with the photographer performing his magic by using his lighting equipment and taking pictures with only two hands.

Needless to say, the end result was all worth the blood (yes, those bushes were brutal), sweat and tears. The response received for this range made it all worth it 🙂


As mentioned in a previous blog-post, handmade authenticity and simplicity is one of the biggest future trends which will signify exclusivity in terms of fashion. It is truly a luxury being able to source such an authentic garment that is locally produced and this what Mod-ish continues to deliver.

Hope you enjoyed the detail on the detail 🙂

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