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The Kaftan and the Cloak or Bisht 

Designed by Saara Jappie

A constant source of inspiration for us is the clothing worn by those who inhabit the harsh climates of North Africa and the Middle East. Scorching summers and frosty winters. Their clothes are typically functional, allowing ease of movement and can be worn through the seasons by means of layering many items over each other.

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The garments we have chosen to highlight are the traditional kaftan and cloak or “bisht”. There are countless interpretations of these two garments worn all over Northern and Western Africa and the Middle East. All differentiated by unique tailoring, symbolic patterning and colour choice but all distinctly elegant and regal.

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We’re choosing not to call this an Eid Collection as it would convey that these pieces are only meant to be worn for special occasions, which goes against our design philosophy and that is to design pieces for all seasons. Pieces that can be worn throughout the year; either simply on its own during summer or paired with your cosiest knits, denims and jackets in the fall.

Also, we thoughtfully consider the styling of all of our pieces. We design them in way that you could easily wear them from day to night; from a wedding to a play date for the kids; with just a quick change of shoes and favourite accessory. A sort of “blank canvas” for you to express yourself differently, every day, for any occasion.

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As with our previous Printed Collection pieces, these new additions are also printed with the “same colour ink on the same base colour fabric”. The colours featured are Navy, Charcoal, Taupe and the divinest shade of coral-orange I’ve come across. Printing and choosing to use the colours this way is a method/design feature I will never stop loving. I’ve printed garments before with up to 5 colours on it but it was the ones that featured white prints on white linen fabric that I loved the most. They’re deceivingly simply yet detailed. And to accomplish that balance is no mean feat. But when perfected, it lends the garment a timeless quality that brings longevity and versatility to one’s wardrobe. A much needed characteristic for clothes born into today’s fast paced fashion cycle machine.

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Photography by Sedick Jappie