While her only quest as a teenager was saving up for a trip to Paris, Lameez Abrahams never imagined that her creative ability starting at Frank Joubert Art School in Cape Town would eventually tie in with her strong lineage of home kitchen experts.

Following a winding path at CPUT with a love of fashion, and then choosing to focus on her three children, she never imagined that what was a passionate hobby would become a sought after product within Cape Town. After many years of contemplation and doing it for pure pleasure, the brand Justt Baked was born in 2015 and catapulted to popularity not only due to her excellent quality product, but also due to the personal prowess Lameez has when dealing with people.

Earlier this year, Lameez decided to finally fulfil her lifelong dream of visiting Paris and add the cherry to her culinary cake, when on her arrival there,  she enrolled for the Macaron Technical Masterclass at La Cuisine.

Lameez has managed to combine her creative skill of baking with her creative ability of cake decoration to produce extraordinary baked goods.

Justt Baked

Everybody loves homemade kitchen goods. At Justt Baked, this is exactly where it is produced. Using exactly the same ingredients of home baking and working crazy hours to meet client demands as such, the goal is to provide every client with a high impact sensory product in vision and palate. The product should be love at first sight and first bite, so that the Justt Baked product becomes etched as part, if not a signature, of the occasion’s memory.

The product range includes indulgent desserts as well what has become most popular item – trimmed stack cakes, which is  uniquely decorated for every client.

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