By Tarryn Abrahams, Nov 15

We have the luxury of being surrounded by so many artists in Cape Town, and so I think it was more drawing inspiration from various sources that drove me. There are so many bright, talented and ambitious people around me so I couldn’t credit just one. Once I made the decision to shed the corporate shackles, I followed my dream of design. I researched and found an amazing course in leather craft and decided then and there that this was the route to pursue.

I learnt the craft under the tutelage of renowned Leather Master, Frik Van Jaarsveld, at the South African Leather Academy. Frik’s vast knowledge about leather was overwhelming at first. He drove us hard but in a gentle manner (if that makes sense) and we worked long hours. Eventually when the course was completed I still wasn’t sure I knew what I was doing. Later though, once I began working on my own and started practising my art, all I could hear was Frik’s voice in my head, guiding me where I thought I would fail. Today, I work with much more confidence because of the discipline and practice I had the privilege of experiencing under the wing of Frik Van Jaarsveld.


Frik Van Jaarsveld (centre) in his workshop with new trainees

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