The Hand That Feeds the Machine.

The element that inspires me most about fashion – is its ability to transform. Apart from the very nature to nurture, protect & shelter the body, its the silhouette that acts as an instrument for the human spirit to move & dance in a material world. It is this which motivates me to find a true form in the very fabric of fashion.

Through clothes we express our relationships in our everyday living & their stories. They are a second skin. They can also act as armor, a protective shield. Clothes are an extended expression of the journey of self awareness because they change our perception of reality of self interpretation. The right individual choice of clothes make a positive difference to how we feel about ourselves. Dressing appropriately for all occasions makes your personal style work for your lifestyle. Building a timeless wardrobe is like a broach I like to wear, to uncovering the individual’s inner style.  It is love in its most emphatic aspect. I believe fashion exists above all to be enjoyed. Real elegance resides in the mind, from which true style really comes from – now that’s showtime magic!

It has taken me 15 years in the industry to interpret the mysteries of my vocation. Having had numerous mentors that have stood like pillars around me, guiding me to have the courage to try. But what moves me most are the hands that toiled at the true cost of this multi dimensional fashion industry. Ingrained in the threads of life are the hard working visionaries. That subtly continue to create under the most dis-empowering circumstances. The willingness I have experienced of these people, to go the distance together, is what makes for brilliance, for radical creativity & for formidable social artistry. This for me is creation in it’s finest form. With a great awareness of the future of fashion on this living planet, by the limited resources, it is with more inspiration & aspiration that we are defying all odds & succeed to bringing forth an intended vision. To preserve the very threads & life force of which the necessary materials, that we need to create these little master pieces, derive from. I think it wise to design around our resources instead of sourcing for my designs, makes creating both simple & difficult. It brings  a sense of urgency to reduce, reuse & recycle. To buy less to choose well & to support local! A win win situation for all.

Cape Town is booming with diversity & talent that has an important purpose in life . . . a unique gift or special talent to share. When we blend these unique talents with service to others, we experience the ecstasy and exultation of the innate human spirit.

I have learnt to receive my ideas with respect & curiosity.

Although my blood may not be of this country, my roots are embedded deep in this earth – the very foundation of my vocation here. I think the essence of the female body is one to be emphasized & celebrated. Throughout the ages time has shaped our perceptions of expression & interpretation in as unique a way for every individual, as the style & grace that women reflect through what they choose to wear each day. With a sense of true identity I am able to help and serve my fellow human beings with love.

My name is Khioma and this is hand made for you!

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