By Fasiega Gamieldien, Nov 15

I was raised as an only child, but despite me being the only child I was not spoilt. I only got a toy on my birthday and every Christmas. Being alone meant I had to find ways to amuse myself. I would use dish cloths, leaves, flowers and pillow cases to design clothing for my dolls. I never enjoyed sewing once at school though, because with subjects like needlework one had to follow lines.

By the time I reached high school I chose subjects suitable for a physiotherapist career. I then dislocated my knee in grade 10, had an operation, and after 6 months of living with a cast on my leg, I had to attend physiotherapy. I hated going to physiotherapy, it was torture, and all the therapists looked dull and colourless. It was then I realised I needed to pursue a career with colour as I sought more vibrance.

My cousin, Magboeba Nordien, encouraged me to do fashion design. Those years studying were the best years of my life. I was surprised by how creative I really am.

I love creating something from nothing. I ran a business in manufacturing and retail for many years.

After marriage, we bought our second home of which the interior and exterior walls consisted of brown facebrick. I then decided I would decorate my walls with something creative.
One day, when a mirror broke in my bathroom, I decided to recycle the broken pieces. I went to a craft shop and got all materials and tools for mosaic. And that was the start of my new passion.

I finished my mirror collection 2 years ago, and was about to market my mirrors when dislocated my knee once again and had to have 5 operations. I have been from a wheelchair to crutches since last year and still on crutches presently.

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