By Gadija Khan, Dec 15

Algamdulilaah, I have an amazing role model, my mom, Rashieda Abrahams.

As a young lady, she worked for one of the country’s biggest design houses, later starting her own CMT company. This is where I learnt about the textile industry from an early age. Besides watching my mom create masterpieces and manage her staff, I observed her relate to her clients with love and care.

Over the years she evolved into making bespoke wedding dresses. Her attention to detail was mesmerising.   Always giving her clients more than they expected…she wouldn’t rest until she thought it was perfect.

The experience and lessons I’ve learnt from her over the years has helped me in managing my own brand. The biggest lesson being to take pride in what you do.

Although retired, she is always available to guide and advise. She is my biggest critic, my best supporter and my hero.


Gadija and her mother, Rashieda Abrahams

GKD is renowned for it’s lifestyle range which is easy to wear, termed by Gadija as “clothes to live in”.

Gadija Khan is a formidable business woman who has built a strong home boutique industry from Cape Town all the way to Durban. Her focus is driven by the needs of her customer and stems from a long standing history in one of the leading retail brands in South Africa.
GKD designs have modest silhouettes that transcend fashion trends, connecting with women that are more driven towards a holistic lifestyle look and feel.

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