“It all started as I travelled and lived abroad. Working in retail and fashion buying and merchandising.

My love affair with fabrics and colours started. On my return to South Africa my life took a change.

I got married and became a mom of 2. After becoming a mom of 2 – I struggled to find clothing to suit my new body. It was depressing! I had new curves – I loved it, but clothes did not love my body. I also needed clothing that was functional to wear when the kids were with me but still look fabulous and chic. I would buy clothing and then look at it and then say – I wish it fit a little bit more loosely here and more fitted there, and so it would sit in my cupboard. I wanted clothes that would accentuate the good bits and nip and tuck in other places! But wouldn’t it be great if the person designing them had a curvy figure to understand exactly what is needed? That’s when my light bulb moment happened, so this is me personally understanding the curves.”

-Melissa Brookes-Samuels

Brand Bio

Since 2008, this curve-friendly label incorporates classic and elegant lines yet still keeping with fashion forward silhouettes and is locally produced and manufactured keeping it local!


The aim is to accommodate the South African body form. This is why we call ourselves a curve friendly brand. Celebrating curves. Indhi is easy to wear, comfortable and chic –all at the same time –it is also affordable yet does not compromise on quality of workmanship.

Lots of time is spent on the fit and we strive to create garments that are not seasonal. We believe in client’s spending money on garments that are versatile and can be worn throughout seasons.


When a woman puts on a dress, regardless of their size, that is comfortable and fits in all the right places, something changes! She walks differently; she feels confident and can take on the world. This is what Indhi stands for.

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