Established in 2008, fashion and lifestyle label – Human Image was founded by Creative Head – Ayshah Allie. This brand’s main vision was to create an ethical sense of shopping that lead to empowerment and enrichment to mankind.


Brand Bio

“Human” –  attaching our high regard and gratitude toward the human race. Humans, we are each others greatest resource.

“Image” – simply about how you want to feel.

Our brand runs deeper than just the end product of fashion, as a whole we empower ourselves as well as our clients by ensuring ethical business practice and conscious shopping. Each of our collections always comes with its production story to educate our clients about what they really buying and wearing. The collection always boasts natural fabrics and designed for comfort to elude the luxury and create a real connection with the human body.

The brand unfolds as a lifestyle brand it takes you beyond just buying a garment off the rail. It is about understanding how you choose to feel before even looking at the rail. Its feminine features lends itself to all shapes and sizes and no women walks away without feeling as though the garment she chooses has been hand selected especially for her. Our creative energy surrounds the itself with developing a collection designed for the shape and size of a women so that your uniqueness becomes your signature.



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