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IN STORE FROM 26-31 DEC 2015

The Hse of Bespoke Brand captures the essence of the modest woman and elegance on a quest  for natural beauty. The high fashion range consists of modern yet modest wear that can be  worn effortlessly by any woman, regardless of their preference. The pieces were created, to accentuate femininity while still leaving a lingering sense of confidence and power exuding from the Hse of Bespoke by WH woman. My ultimate fashion philosophy is to wear clothes that not only accentuate your femininity modestly, but also exhibit your intangible assets. Your wardrobe should be a physical representation of your personality, spirituality and last but not least, it should boost your confidence.  

The Hse of Bespoke by WH woman is confident without being arrogant. She exudes elegance and defies societal norms by wearing timeless pieces and displays remarkable modesty leaving a lasting impression on everyone that crosses her path.