Fashion Business Masterclass

It’s not easy running a business. So when businesses from the creative side take on this ultimate challenge of entrepreneurship, there are considerable misses. In fact, in a time when the creative design skills are at a peaking opportunity, with easier routes to market and amazing resources, we are still finding that success cases are from commerce backgrounds.

Based on our 4 year journey alongside numerous local fashion businesses, as well as our thirst to learn the latest market developments, we felt it necessary to provide the Fashion Business Entrepreneur with key takeaways to build towards sustainability. If local fashion businesses are successful, it most certainly creates more opportunities for us, as well as the local economy. This is what one would refer to as a win-win.

Furthermore, as with many things in Africa, the narrative needs to have local contextual reference since our business landscape is somewhat complex. Our first round of Masterclass lecturers ticked the right boxes, as both, sought after SA fashion corporate professionals AND (probably most importantly) having their own businesses.

The extra on this is that by arranging these classes, we also had front-row seats within an intimate environment for the learning exchange. We not stopping here though. We will also be offering the content of these Masterclasses as a video-learning module via our website. So get ready with us and take your fashion business to the next level!