Design style story

November 2019

Featuring Olivia Lincoln

Design principles consist of various concepts used to organise or arrange the structural elements of design. These consist of balance, proportion, rhythm, emphasis and unity. When working with one of the oldest textile elements known to man, such as leather, these principles become critical to extend the aesthetic longevity of the design, resulting in a classical product.

Olivia Lincoln is one of Cape Town’s premium leather designers that is able to design a classic product with a myriad of functions, whilst successfully incorporating the elements of the beautiful city of Cape Town as part of her design signature. Her products are often as versatile as a swiss army knife 🙂

Her most recent inspirations were taken from her immediate surroundings, resulting in the unique one-ring bag. The round elements used were drawn from the phases of the moon and the unique stainless steel ring is produced from an actual yacht ring casting (for yacht lovers – the actual ring number is visible on the belt ring). The round shapes along with the combination of leather and steel, are both found in nature and conceptually represent the elements of land & sea. This brand is a great example of incorporating design principles to produce a classic product for a fashion application such as that of a waist or belt bag.

Styling completed by in-store brand:
White shirt dress by Streetlines Apparel

The attention to detail goes even further with her product which is beautifully packaged in a canvas dust-bag along with a cute postcard branded from Cape Town. Completing a proudly local shopping experience that allows wearers to appreciate the finer things.

Olivia Lincoln products are available at Homemade CPT seasonal Pop-up in Canal Walk Shopping Centre #SpringintoSummer20

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Store images captured by Radz Photography

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