ANNA&YUMI – sister design duo Aneeqa (designer, creator) and Yumna (muse, design inspo)

We focus on original, bold, one-of-a-kind artisanal handmade leather accessories for the unique fashion risk taker / statement maker.

We love leather – its longevity, its strength, durability and its transformation as it ages. We are inspired by its natural edges and raw qualities to create our pieces.


HSE of Bespoke

Hse of Bespoke logo

IN STORE FROM 26-31 DEC 2015

The Hse of Bespoke Brand captures the essence of the modest woman and elegance on a quest  for natural beauty. The high fashion range consists of modern yet modest wear that can be  worn effortlessly by any woman, regardless of their preference. The pieces were created, to accentuate femininity while still leaving a lingering sense of confidence and power exuding from the Hse of Bespoke by WH woman. My ultimate fashion philosophy is to wear clothes that not only accentuate your femininity modestly, but also exhibit your intangible assets. Your wardrobe should be a physical representation of your personality, spirituality and last but not least, it should boost your confidence.  

The Hse of Bespoke by WH woman is confident without being arrogant. She exudes elegance and defies societal norms by wearing timeless pieces and displays remarkable modesty leaving a lasting impression on everyone that crosses her path.



IN STORE FROM 15-17 JAN 2016

Nolali; noun

Meaning; “He/She who is from the village”

Used as a reference of origin in the Nguni language of IsiXhosa

Nolali is an explorative brand which interrogates the existing norm around African apparel by finding and defining a modern African style that draws directly from the essence of African dress. Taking items of meaning and modifying them to a style that can be w0rn on a daily basis.

To make African style the norm within the African context, as oppose to the current status quo, where African dress is almost considered costume or occasional wear.

Nolali is a brand on a journey to discover a Contemporary African Style.

My current collection takes from the traditional attired of a newly wed Xhosa woman and takes shapes and fabrics from current trends to create a style of dress that is distinctly African inspired, easy to wear and different from what is on most shelves.

Nolali is a brand that strives to connect us with our African routes, but also celebrate our diversity for it is in our diversity as African where we find the things that make us all the same. Those points where our diversity and individualism overlap, those are the junctions that Nolali wishes to celebrate.

Nolali, an Evolving Narrative


Boutique SS16: Azara


Azara, the named derived from the designer.

The brand focuses on street style mixed with high fashion. It encapsulates gender fluidity, trends and modern twists. Azara takes inspiration from structural elements and is targeted at those who have a strong sense of self.

The brand is meant to portray an aspirational lifestyle that is easily obtainable. It aims to produce unique, on trend garments that are affordable.

Boutique SS16: GKD

GKD is renowned for it’s lifestyle range which is easy to wear, termed by Gadija as “clothes to live in”.

Gadija Khan is a formidable business woman who has built a strong home boutique industry from Cape Town all the way to Durban. Her focus is driven by the needs of her customer and stems from a long standing history in one of the leading retail brands in South Africa.
GKD designs have modest silhouettes that transcend fashion trends, connecting with women that are more driven towards a holistic lifestyle look and feel.

Boutique SS16: Human Image


Human Image 
“Human” –  attaching high regard and gratitude toward the human race. Humans, we are each others greatest resource. 
“Image” – simply how you want to feel.

We see our line as elegant, yet edgy, luxurious and natural, yet classy. We focus mainly on fabric selection and our favourite is silk. We sift through fabrics worldwide to find the best natural fabrics, not only because of its rare beauty, but because it connects with the human body ensuring the highest level of comfort and therefore naturally exuding luxury.

Human Image unfolds as a lifestyle brand, it takes you beyond just buying a garment off the rail. It is about understanding how you choose to feel before even looking at the rail. Its feminine features lends itself to all shapes and sizes and no woman walks away without feeling as though the garment she chose has been hand selected for her. Our creative energy surrounds itself with developing a collection designed for the shape and size of a woman so that their uniqueness becomes their signature.