The Demure Designer’s Collection

We believe in sharing the journey so we thought it would be interesting to let you in on one of the reasons behind us starting Homemade CPT from co-founder Leila’s experience.

“Eid marks a festive celebration for the Muslim Community, with everybody always wanting to look their best, modestly. Cape Town is renowned for its large muslim population, who have an artisanal fashion heritage still visible in some of the brands today (Refer to links of brands below).  My friends and I always put some particular effort into our Eid look with limited budgets. We frequented some dressmakers who called themselves designers or some mens’ tailors offering to try their hand at structured garments for us ladies. It was sometimes a real hit or a total miss. At the end of it all, it added to the memory of the occasion. When ready-to-wear came onto the scene by many of these home-run businesses, we were quite happy to say the very least.

After the birth of my first son, I wanted something special to mark the occasion. My bestie and I drove around to 8 home studios looking for “an outfit”, which took us a lengthy 6hrs. That was the most time I had spent away from my son, who was 10wks old. Not making for a very convenient experience. Extreme and maybe unnecessary but this little buy would be my pick-me-up for my new size. A feel good moment I really needed.”

So, one of the key objectives for Homemade CPT was to get all the amazing local talent into one beautiful and convenient location from which to shop. There is certainly no shortage of talent and for the very first Demure Designer’s Collection, we have been extremely fortunate to host some of Cape Town’s finest!

Homemade CPT had the priviledge of sharing the creative thinking process that went into these beautiful collections by the designers, which you too can enjoy via the links provided below.


The Venue at Dance4Fitness Studios, Claremont Cape Town with Homemade CPT’s installation

Designer Lineup

To compliment the fashion, the following brands also participated at the event:

  • Scarf Box – an online scarf box subscription service that curated a box in collaboration with the designers’ collections.
  • Wimsy – An artisanal beaded accessory maker.
  • Flormar – An affordable professional make-up brand keen to support local endeavours.

Gallery of the The Demure Designer’s Collection for 2017


Photography by Radiefa Peters – radzphotography

Out of this World SS17

Tucked away in the heart of the bustling Green Point strip of Cape Town is a beautiful Victorian villa, home to the Out of this World Store. What began as a warehouse for a collection of tribal artefacts and art, evolved into a private gallery. Eventually, the owners did some finishing alterations to turn the entire space into a guest friendly event location, which could be hired out with the authentic art & craft pieces as décor to the event.


With Homemade CPT’s envisioning an Africa for Africa business model, as well as the intention of combining elements of art & craft with fashion, it was a well collaborated event venue prospect.

Style Africa Network kicked off the launch morning by opening the new bar at the Out of this World Villa. Homemade CPT arranged sponsored drinks for the bar which was aptly named “The High Sobriety” since nonalcoholic brands produced in Cape Town were promoted such as TeAwesome bubble teas, Cove cold brew coffees and Drink the Duchess virgin gin. Guests were also treated to scrumptious little macaroons sourced from the homemade kitchen of the best of the best, i.e. Just baked.

Lichen and Leaf artist, Cynthia Edwards, provided the South African textile art handwork for the villa’s gallery. Her 2016 design titled “Waves” was used as the print for the event signature fitting room curtains. Lichen and Leaf textiles range from cotton twills to leathers, which are constructed to form ladies bags and soft home décor items.


The retail rail installation, the z-rail, was showcased for the first time at a Homemade Cape Town event. This conceptual rail system boasts not only function and unique design form but more importantly, flexibility. Due to it’s collapsible design, Homemade CPT is able to freight and fit this rail system all over the country. The z-rails are just another example of Homemade CPT’s successful design collaborations with small businesses of exceptional quality, such as the fabricator R&R Steelworks.


While the venue was themed for Africa, the fashion represented the diverse array of its local people. Brands such as Human Image, Label Collections and Khioma showcased their natural fabric selections, designed around a more relaxed look from shift dresses, to hand knits and lux sports chic garments.

Also in store was Indhi Design, tailored to a more casual look for ladies of all sizes. Phi Casa launched their summer collection at the event with a truly fresh appeal. All designs perfectly suited for the Cape Summer.

Accessory brand, Raw Joy showcased her unique and inspirational precious stone collection on a beautiful 6m long table proving to be popular to all guests.


From Johannesburg, African prints were showcased by Bulbulia Threads and Lovestory Collections. Bulbulia Threads had a gorgeous selection of their custom designed textile print caftans embellished with hand embroidered trims, suitable for all women even those of a modest nature. Lovestory collections showcased a resort collection perfect
for the holiday season and signature of Africa.


Lastly, for the event finale, the final day was reserved exclusively for a Gauteng local brand retail sensation, i.e. Ntozinhle Accessorise, Dainty Frocks, Bontefeela B Closet and Keke Beads. Late night shopping, in line with Cape Town’s First Thursday events, made sure that these brands’ loyal followers had the opportunity to shop conveniently or wait it out in cool courtyard comfort during the traffic jam after a shopping haul.


As a thank you to all, a competition was held on the last day with a random draw from attendants, for a pair of stylish summer Espadril Spain’s won by Fundi Lele.

The event ran from the 25th November to the 1st December 2016.

Justt Baked


While her only quest as a teenager was saving up for a trip to Paris, Lameez Abrahams never imagined that her creative ability starting at Frank Joubert Art School in Cape Town would eventually tie in with her strong lineage of home kitchen experts.

Following a winding path at CPUT with a love of fashion, and then choosing to focus on her three children, she never imagined that what was a passionate hobby would become a sought after product within Cape Town. After many years of contemplation and doing it for pure pleasure, the brand Justt Baked was born in 2015 and catapulted to popularity not only due to her excellent quality product, but also due to the personal prowess Lameez has when dealing with people.

Earlier this year, Lameez decided to finally fulfil her lifelong dream of visiting Paris and add the cherry to her culinary cake, when on her arrival there,  she enrolled for the Macaron Technical Masterclass at La Cuisine.

Lameez has managed to combine her creative skill of baking with her creative ability of cake decoration to produce extraordinary baked goods.

Justt Baked

Everybody loves homemade kitchen goods. At Justt Baked, this is exactly where it is produced. Using exactly the same ingredients of home baking and working crazy hours to meet client demands as such, the goal is to provide every client with a high impact sensory product in vision and palate. The product should be love at first sight and first bite, so that the Justt Baked product becomes etched as part, if not a signature, of the occasion’s memory.

The product range includes indulgent desserts as well what has become most popular item – trimmed stack cakes, which is  uniquely decorated for every client.

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Petal & Post


Petal&Post is the inspiration of Kim du Plessis, an urban-planner with a passion for floristry, who became aware of the need for affordable, quality flower delivery options in a South African market dominated by expensive boutique flower delivery services where, for the average-income person, the luxury of flower ordering is reserved only for life’s special occasions.

FullSizeRender (36).jpeg

“I felt that there was space for a service in South Africa that delivers slightly smaller, reasonably-priced posies that are not ‘overworked’, but rather have a unique, almost ‘wild’ feel to them — and so Petal&Post came to life.”

Kim is hoping to expand the business in Cape Town, to deliver flowers five days a week. She would also love to launch Petal&Post launch in Joburg and Durban in the future.

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Olivia Lincoln


Designer Bio

“I started my career as a fashion designer and to this day, I still design and make all my own clothing from start to final product. I was fortunate to travel for a few years and in that time of, I saw some amazing and expensive bags and shoes in some of the most fashionable cities in the world. I then decided to start my own handbag and shoes range that is made here, in Cape Town, using only the best quality and keeping the products affordable.”


Brand Bio

“Olivia derived from Latin “Oliva”, meaning Olive tree of Heave, Symbol of peace.

The Olivia Lincoln Brand is all about luxury leather handbags, shoes and accessories, handcrafted in Cape Town offering beautiful products that are unique, great quality and affordable.


All the leather I use is bovine cow hide. I love using printed leathers and do not use real snake, ostrich or crocodile hide.”



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Designer Bio

“Art and design has always been in my life. I lose myself in it and express myself through it. Against the odds that life can throw… like that well paid corporate job I had…I chose to recreate my life and follow my JOY. Each piece I make is inspired by life, love and beauty.

I love sharing this expression of RAWJOY with others. I meet amazing people along the way and I am grateful and excited for where this Journey is taking me.”


Brand Bio

“To wear rawjoy is to be fearless. To connect with a piece that is an extension of your inner self. It’s about evoking connection, emotion and passion through wearable art. Each stone is hand selected, each piece with its own unique styling and energy flowing through it.


Made from genuine leather, metal and semi-precious stone and put together by hand in Cape Town South Africa. Dare to be Different! Originality is Freedom!

Finding your passion in life is definitely a journey. The name first started as JOY – as these creations brought me so much Joy in what was a challenging time of my life. It also happens to be my mom’s name; an inspirational woman in my life and best friend.


The addition of RAW brought boldness, vulnerability and inner power to my designs.

RAWJOY made perfect sense.”


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The Duchess


The Duchess Team Bio

The Duchess is the brainchild of Johannes Le Roux; a Cape Town-native with a background in advertising and brand launches. In partnership with Inus Smuts, a long-time friend and collaborator, the duo developed The Duchess with local botanists and brewers.

The artisan design of The Duchess was created in partnership with Fanakolo, a design studio based in Stellenbosch. Using delicate linear drawings, the botanicals form the framework of The Duchess’ visual, with The Duchess herself featuring as the elegant figurehead; the mysterious and sophisticated woman who has become the icon of the brand.

Brand Bio: The World’s First Non-alcoholic Gin & Tonic

Welcome The Duchess; the worlds’ first ready-to-drink, virgin gin & tonic – an elegant, sugar-free alternative to alcohol. Crafted using natural botanical extracts traditionally found in gin, The Duchess retains authentic gin tasting notes with zero alcohol.


The Duchess’ botanists made this possible by blending re-distilled juniper berries with their own botanically infused tonic water. This not only gives The Duchess that distinct gin & tonic taste, but also adds beautiful aromatic layers of orange peel, all spice, star anise and devil’s claw. This refreshing drink also comes guilt-free as The Duchess doesn’t contain any sugar and is naturally sweetened using Stevia and Xylitol.

As founder Johannes Le Roux comments, “The Duchess was created for the conscious consumer – the healthy, discerning individual who wants the option of an adult beverage without alcohol. Whether at a business lunch or being the designated driver, for personal or religious reasons, The Duchess now offers you the choice of a sugar-free, calorie-free, and hangover-free refreshment.”


As the world experiences a resurgence of the gin trend, and a general move away from alcohol, The Duchess offers a beautifully crafted drink that marries both worlds. The Duchess effortlessly solves the dilemma of ‘what to drink when you’re not drinking’
– #DrinkTheDuchess

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Loyde Triana


Designer Bio

“My interest in and attraction to lingerie and swimwear started many years ago and was one of the main reasons that motivated me to study Fashion Design.


In 2011, I moved to Cape Town, South Africa, where I had the opportunity to start my own swimwear and lingerie brand. During my time in Cape Town I’ve made a special effort to rediscover beauty everywhere I go and in everyone I meet.  This has driven me to create new lines of swimwear and lingerie based on the beauty of Cape Town’s people and natural environment.”


Brand Bio

“My garments are hand-made with lots of love in Kalk Bay, Cape Town. I focus mostly on tailor-made swimwear and lingerie, but also offer a very limited range of ready to wear swimwear. I source only the best materials available for my garments and work with independent illustrators to design unique prints used in my collections of swimwear.


Loyde Triana swimwear and Lingerie believes every woman should be comfortable and feel pretty and modern. My brand therefore works with the MIX-MATCH-MISMATCH concept, where clients can buy only the piece they need, in a size that fits them.

Do you want to get to know me a bit better? 

– Loyde Villarroel

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Human Image


Designer Bio

Established in 2008, fashion and lifestyle label – Human Image was founded by Creative Head – Ayshah Allie. This brand’s main vision was to create an ethical sense of shopping that lead to empowerment and enrichment to mankind.


Brand Bio

“Human” –  attaching our high regard and gratitude toward the human race. Humans, we are each others greatest resource.

“Image” – simply about how you want to feel.

Our brand runs deeper than just the end product of fashion, as a whole we empower ourselves as well as our clients by ensuring ethical business practice and conscious shopping. Each of our collections always comes with its production story to educate our clients about what they really buying and wearing. The collection always boasts natural fabrics and designed for comfort to elude the luxury and create a real connection with the human body.


The brand unfolds as a lifestyle brand it takes you beyond just buying a garment off the rail. It is about understanding how you choose to feel before even looking at the rail. Its feminine features lends itself to all shapes and sizes and no women walks away without feeling as though the garment she chooses has been hand selected especially for her. Our creative energy surrounds the itself with developing a collection designed for the shape and size of a women so that your uniqueness becomes your signature.


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Originally from Taiwan, Kevin moved to South Africa when he was 15. Though he moved to South Africa, he still held onto his Taiwanese heritage and traditions. One of those being his passion and love for tea, particularly bubble tea which is commonly found in Taiwan. For Kevin, having authentic bubble tea and bringing it to South Africa, it was like bringing a small piece of home to South Africa. Drinking tea is part of his and his family’s everyday life. When asked about his favourite tea, without hesitation says that green tea is his favourite.

The process for making TeAwesome’s bubble tea is freshness and offering the customer as much knowledge as they need to know exactly what they’re putting in their body. All the teas are sourced from the family’s own tea farm and are organically grown. To keep with our goal for freshness, the tea is brewed twice a day to ensure that customers are getting the best benefits of each tea. For our milk teas, we use non-dairy creamers, which make our tea vegetarian and vegan friendly. Our teas are sweetened with a natural fructose sweetener and customers have the option to change the sugar level to suit the sweetness they want.


Because of this, we’re able to provide our customers with the healthiest and freshest bubble tea available.

Our branding stems from this concept with the use of a tea leaf which drips down to form our tea. The stem of the leaf can be changed to show the iconic straw used to drink bubble tea.

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