Tasleem Bulbulia has been in the fashion industry for over 20 years. Starting out from a young age her abundant experience and expertise has earned her to be a veteran in her industry. She has perused many callings within fashion, and has now ventured into something very close to her heart. Using fashion, she aims to liberate modest women and educate all.

Brand Bio: Bulbulia Threads – Cover Couture A Cut Above the Rest

Bulbulia Threads aims to cater to Muslims and non-Muslim fashionistas alike. The aim of her clothing line is to remain true to her religious and cultural influence but also prompt engagement about the fashionable relationship between Western fashion and religion.


Thus her journey to take part in MBFW in 2016 was spirited. This was a platform to launch cover couture – for all! On August 10th Bulbulia Threads showcased a collection of pieces which aimed to bridge the gap between modesty and fashion. Why does a lady have to choose, right? Bulbulia Threads relies on the beautiful colours, soft prints, bold neckpieces, statement bags and head scarfs as crowns to elevate her range.

Tasleem’s signature in fashion is beautifully crafted items which can be playful and still classic. All items can easily fit into anyone’s wardrobe and become a long loved piece! The range included floral long length shirts, free flowing high waisted skirts, crop tops – yes crop tops! As well as the current craze – bomber jackets and my favourite, soft flowing textured maxi dresses. The colour palette ranged from pastels and transitioned into bolder colours.


Bulbulia Threads aims to shatter stereotypes by showing modest fashion for women of all faiths and offering a variety of choices when it comes to clothes. Creating items for all which are wearable, stylish, beautiful and modest at the same time!

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Contact: Founder and designer – Tasleem Bulbulia

Email: tasleemb@gmail.com

Contact number: 0727006172