Human Image 
“Human” –  attaching high regard and gratitude toward the human race. Humans, we are each others greatest resource. 
“Image” – simply how you want to feel.

We see our line as elegant, yet edgy, luxurious and natural, yet classy. We focus mainly on fabric selection and our favourite is silk. We sift through fabrics worldwide to find the best natural fabrics, not only because of its rare beauty, but because it connects with the human body ensuring the highest level of comfort and therefore naturally exuding luxury.

Human Image unfolds as a lifestyle brand, it takes you beyond just buying a garment off the rail. It is about understanding how you choose to feel before even looking at the rail. Its feminine features lends itself to all shapes and sizes and no woman walks away without feeling as though the garment she chose has been hand selected for her. Our creative energy surrounds itself with developing a collection designed for the shape and size of a woman so that their uniqueness becomes their signature.