March 2019

Creativity is something I’ve always had somewhat of an imposter syndrome with. You see, I’ve been exposed to the top-of-class creatives since birth by my Dad, Art High School and at Tertiary level (I never completed my portfolio so ended up in Clothing production instead of Fashion Design). Nonetheless, life moves on and we are still the greatest of allies. The local design talent has and always will be the muse of our brand.

So when we got a mail from the Head of the Design Indaba Production, I froze. Then I cried. Then we got the ball roll being the worker bees that we are. If you not a startup entrepreneur and if you not a creative you will struggle to relate to this kind of validation. It was not through networking or connection it was through my best digital friend ever – Google. It had made a dream come true, as a fan of creativity and a small business owner by making this connection. Long live Google!

The Design Indaba has got to be the coolest production setup (for those who are not at “burn” festivals) in the country, if not Africa. The most mind-blowing of all is how the event format changed over the years. It was not static. That is true creativity. It evolves and innovates with time. Everything was covered! Leading-edge conference, fashion & art talent, live music, local & international visitors, emerging and established creative brands, Pop-up Shop 😉 No blog post is going to be able to contain the actual experience. Diarise this in your calendar for next year.

But the thing that ensures my lifelong advocacy of the Design Indaba is its social inclusivity and making it accessible to the public for FREE after hours. Anybody and everybody had a chance to engage. I got to see creatives that I am a HUGE fangirl of as a local talent supporter. It. Was. S.I.C.K.

For now though, I’m just going to share some images related to the staged event here. Visit Design Indaba for all the deets. As a supporter (before we got our gig fyi) I bought a ticket to attend a workshop by Fashion Futurist Lidiwij Edelkoort, which I felt was necessary to share with other Fashiontreps, so this will be covered in the next post.

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