Following the inception of Pop-Ups, the team identified a gap in the market whereby small businesses, particularly of a design nature, were not always equipped in all processes to contend with managing temporary retail events. This developed into an additional service offering, whereby all aspects from venue scouting to brand collaborations or an entire event of the brand could be arranged, through its constantly growing network.

Small brands are able to hire-in all equipment at affordable rates, eliminating the risk of costly outlays for additional assets and services, literally lightening their load with the complete setup activation at a location of their choice. This has proved to be quite popular for collection launches, nationally touring brands, corporate markets, charity and blogger events.

Mininmal Exposure Launch

Batavia Cafe, Bo Kaap


Pictures by Inara

Featured here is the product launch of the Musaffir Collection by local fashion brand Minimal Exposure. Easy-to-wear fabrics suited with relaxed modest silhouettes make these items a closet staple for long African summers especially for travellers.

Fashionbreed & Friends Charity Sale

Durham Studios, Salt River

This amazing initiative, by Cape Town’s stylish content creator Aqeelah Harron was a Charity Pop-up to raise funds for the People of Syria via Gift of the Givers NPO.

This pop-up, held in a studio in the trendy Woodstock area included popular local fashion brands such as Streetlines Apparel and Minimal Exposure.

The bargains were amazing and the turnout was incredible. This is sure to become an event to repeat in the future.

Digi-Outsource Market Day

Corporate Event

This company is very active in creating social community within the workplace.

The idea behind this corporate pop-up was to raise awareness amongst its trendy young workforce with local creative businesses.

This Pop-up had some different features such as stationery and beauty products. It also offered a masseuse who was booked throughout the 2 day event.

Last but not least, food vendors were included, making this a complete local product experience.

We appreciate corporates such as Digi-outsource offering small local businesses with brand awareness opportunities.

Fashionbreed & Friends Charity Sale 2.0

The Palms, Woodstock

Haute Elan Launch: International Brand

Artem Gallery, Sea Point

Kick Off: FIFA Tournament & Livestream of FIFA World Cup

Sharks Supporters Club, Claremont

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