Threadz Clothing

threadz new logo-1.jpg

Designed by Zenobia Gool

Inspired by her three daughters’ constant demand for trendy clothing items, Zenobia Gool decided to start her own fashion label – Threadz Clothing Collection in 2010. The label aspires to create timeless and effortless items for women of all ages.


This collection titled “Style Simplified”, is basically an extension on the signature silhouettes which have become synonomous with Threadz Clothing. The  designs and fabric selection for this collection intend blending classic with current trend influences and subtle detail for a unique look.

The main purpose with their design concept is for it to remain a staple item of any wardrobe. The garment quality remains the ultimate product focus and customers have the added service of size customization.


The seasonal trend that this collection references are sleeves – from bell to ruffle – as well as the box top. The colour palette is quite broad and not restricted to winter tones – black, grey, cream and white.


Threadz Clothing can be found at a home studio in Pinelands, Cape Town. A detailed catalogue on this collection can be viewed on their instagram account @threadzclothing

Photography by Kim Julie



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