“Art and design has always been in my life. I lose myself in it and express myself through it. Against the odds that life can throw… like that well paid corporate job I had…I chose to recreate my life and follow my JOY. Each piece I make is inspired by life, love and beauty.

I love sharing this expression of RAWJOY with others. I meet amazing people along the way and I am grateful and excited for where this Journey is taking me.”


Brand Bio

“To wear rawjoy is to be fearless. To connect with a piece that is an extension of your inner self. It’s about evoking connection, emotion and passion through wearable art. Each stone is hand selected, each piece with its own unique styling and energy flowing through it.


Made from genuine leather, metal and semi-precious stone and put together by hand in Cape Town South Africa. Dare to be Different! Originality is Freedom!


Finding your passion in life is definitely a journey. The name first started as JOY – as these creations brought me so much Joy in what was a challenging time of my life. It also happens to be my mom’s name; an inspirational woman in my life and best friend.

The addition of RAW brought boldness, vulnerability and inner power to my designs.

RAWJOY made perfect sense.”


Follow RawJoy on their Facebook handle:

Facebook: @rawjoyaccessories

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