Originally from Taiwan, Kevin moved to South Africa when he was 15. Though he moved to South Africa, he still held onto his Taiwanese heritage and traditions. One of those being his passion and love for tea, particularly bubble tea which is commonly found in Taiwan. For Kevin, having authentic bubble tea and bringing it to South Africa, it was like bringing a small piece of home to South Africa. Drinking tea is part of his and his family’s everyday life. When asked about his favourite tea, without hesitation says that green tea is his favourite.

The process for making TeAwesome’s bubble tea is freshness and offering the customer as much knowledge as they need to know exactly what they’re putting in their body. All the teas are sourced from the family’s own tea farm and are organically grown. To keep with our goal for freshness, the tea is brewed twice a day to ensure that customers are getting the best benefits of each tea. For our milk teas, we use non-dairy creamers, which make our tea vegetarian and vegan friendly. Our teas are sweetened with a natural fructose sweetener and customers have the option to change the sugar level to suit the sweetness they want.

Because of this, we’re able to provide our customers with the healthiest and freshest bubble tea available.

Our branding stems from this concept with the use of a tea leaf which drips down to form our tea. The stem of the leaf can be changed to show the iconic straw used to drink bubble tea.


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Instagram: @teawesomesa

Facebook: @teawesome tea & juice bar

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