Loyde Triana


“My interest in and attraction to lingerie and swimwear started many years ago and was one of the main reasons that motivated me to study Fashion Design.


In 2011, I moved to Cape Town, South Africa, where I had the opportunity to start my own swimwear and lingerie brand. During my time in Cape Town I’ve made a special effort to rediscover beauty everywhere I go and in everyone I meet.  This has driven me to create new lines of swimwear and lingerie based on the beauty of Cape Town’s people and natural environment.”


Brand Bio

“My garments are hand-made with lots of love in Kalk Bay, Cape Town. I focus mostly on tailor-made swimwear and lingerie, but also offer a very limited range of ready to wear swimwear. I source only the best materials available for my garments and work with independent illustrators to design unique prints used in my collections of swimwear.


Loyde Triana swimwear and Lingerie believes every woman should be comfortable and feel pretty and modern. My brand therefore works with the MIX-MATCH-MISMATCH concept, where clients can buy only the piece they need, in a size that fits them.

Do you want to get to know me a bit better?  http://vimeo.com/108655377 

– Loyde Villarroel

Follow Loyde Triana on their social handles:

Instagram: @loydetriana

Facebook: @loydetriana

Website: www.loydetriana.com

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