By Cebisa Mafukuzela, Jan 16

The greatest inspiration for myself as a creative has been the magic and diversity that exists within the continent of Africa. The African continent is the home to so many different cultures, religions and races. With all this diversity, it is a goldmine of ideas and inspiration and creates an opportunity for design, collaboration and sharing of ideas and inspiration from culture to culture.

This is my inspiration. This is what drives me to explore the different aspects of being African.

The Masai warriors of Kenya, the prints and fabric they drape around themselves.

The Himba women of Namibia and the red clay they use on their skin and hair.

The Herero women, also of Namibia, and their elaborate and bright dresses.

The bright fabrics of Ghana, Senegal, Mali, Benin and many other corners of Africa.

Our beautiful and lively street markets where one can find anything from fresh produce to electronics. We are a magical people. We are what should inspire the world.

We live on a continent that gives us endless ideas and innovation that, through design can be catalyst to the creation of an identity that truly speaks to being African.

Makoti Denim Skirt

The Masai inspired skirt

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