The Launch

On the 3rd Dec 2015, Homemade CPT invited its participants, friends & family to the Opening Launch of this season’s Pop-up Store labelled “Boutique SS16”.

Featured participants for this season consist of  brands Human Image, Phi Casa, Gadija Khan Designs (GKD) and Hide Cape Town. The featured artist for this season is Crushland Art, who’s geometry art work became the concept for the event space theme.

Homemade CPT also allows Designers/Entrepreneurs to participate on a part-time basis. For the launch, part-time participant Mod-ish were invited and showcased their Isaalat collection which  featured earlier in the year on the SAFW runway.

Emerging surface Textile Designer, Athiya Cader, showcased her collection of textile adornment to all guests under her recently launched label Thiya, describing the incredible process from conceptualization to the final product in design.

Catering services were sourced from local business neighbours. All-good Food supplied an organic entre menu, while Just Baked supplied the exact opposite in the form of indulgent desserts as well as the added treats of BiscuitiqueSA’s delightful biscuits and truffles.

Guests were also treated to a bit of hand therapy by SimplyK Beauty and had the opportunity of meeting the Makeup101 Crew who intend hosting make-up workshops in Boutique SS16’s event space.

This launch event was managed by Pomegranate Events.

Photos by Radz Photography

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