From pop-up events hosted and curated by us, to masterclasses that give local designers the skills they need to transform their passions into flourishing businesses, we’ve made it our mission to help homegrown talent shine.

We are more than a space; we are the family behind many of the local brands you love – and will soon discover. Every one of our processes, and every single prop fabricated, has been designed with them in mind.

We are dedicated to seeing local brands thrive, and doing everything in our power to help them grow through collaboration and shared resources. At Homemade CPT, we truly believe that by strategically connecting local businesses, we can make a significant impact in the market.


Our mobile concept fashion rack rentals give fashion entrepreneurs the opportunity to create an impactful brand image without the burden of high capital investments. Our shop fittings are designed as fashion props which work towards a slick and considered store feel, and add to the general ambiance.

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Create an impactful brand image with our store fittings and mobile concept fashion racks.


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Pop Ups

Our pop-ups are events hosted by Homemade CPT.
We expertly curate the entire event in terms of look and feel, and select the perfect designers to bring it to life.

Pop Overs

Our pop-overs, on the other hand, are hosted by you. Our level of involvement is entirely up to you – whether we assist you by providing our retail installations for rental, or take care of your event management requirements.

How it works


with us to brainstorm and discuss your event requirements

We Curate

and arrange your event in full, or focus on specified elements


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We provide local brands with the insights they need to take their brand from surviving to thriving. As more creatives take their businesses into their own hands, it is more important than ever that they have good business sense and access to local industry professionals. After all, it is through these industry insights that fashion business owners are able to grow sustainable brands.

How To Apply

Grow a sustainable fashion brand through invaluable industry insights and business advice.


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