From an Online Shop, showcasing Cape Town’s finest brands to retail installations for rental called Pop-Overs, we’ve made it our mission to help homegrown talent shine.

We are more than a space; we are the family behind many of the local brands you love – and will soon discover. Every one of our processes, and every single prop fabricated, has been designed with them in mind.

We are dedicated to seeing local brands thrive, and doing everything in our power to help them grow through collaboration and shared resources. At Homemade CPT, we truly believe that by strategically connecting local businesses, we can make a significant impact in the market.


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To Infiniti and Beyond

To Infiniti and Beyond

To infiniti and beyond January 2020As a multi-faith and extremely diverse culture, one of the dominant styles of fashion in Africa is modest fashion. We are pleased to host one of the most formidable modest fashion brands in South Africa and share their style...

Design Style Story

Design Style Story

Design style story November 2019Featuring Olivia Lincoln Design principles consist of various concepts used to organise or arrange the structural elements of design. These consist of balance, proportion, rhythm, emphasis and unity. When working with one of the oldest...

Street Style Story

Street Style Story

Street style story October 2019Fashion style influence is traditionally a trickle-down effect of popular styles at the top of the hierarchy that starts with royalty. Modern western culture has changed this flow, resulting in fashion forming a sense of group identity...

Pop Overs

Our pop-overs are hosted by you. Our level of involvement is entirely up to you – whether we assist you by providing our retail installations for rental, or take care of your event management requirements.



with us to brainstorm and discuss your event requirements

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